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Do you recognize the following in your current situation ? What LogiQstar can do for you ?
Disparate systems containing customer data. One single data repository with a 100% view on the customer.
Manually managing contacts. Automated and integrated environment to track contacts.
Claims and customer requests handled ad-hoc or with Excel sheets. Integrated modules for registering, following up and alerting.
Quoting is a semi-manual process, involving digging into providers tariffs in unstructured data (excel, pdf, faxes). Quoting is an easy and accurate process. Tariffs are kept in database and ready to use in a quote.
Uncertainty about the last version of the tariff being used, or how does it compare to other freight alternatives. Tariff search and suggestion based on entered criteria. Benchmarking quotes for better service.
Rate management and quotes in separate Word & Excel files. Structured data while preserving history and status (in progress, accepted, ...) , integrated available from your orders.
Managing the sales team is often difficult as data is no available. Integrated Visit Report, Sales Methodology and alerts upon relevant data.
Managers get overview of the past (last month report). Pipeline management, overview of the future, and how the business is evolving.
Management and users don’t have an accurate view on their goals and their performance. Goals are set for every elements of data, and tracking is immediate and delivered to users through dashboards.
Getting information out of the system is difficult and cumbersome. Dashboards provide you an instant view of all data in the system.
100% customized solution where the knowledge is kept by a limited number of people. 100% customized feel, but 90% standard.
Upgrades vague and difficult. Clear roadmap from Microsoft.






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